Thursday, February 6, 2014

a snow globe...

yesterday was quite the uneventful day and it just kept going. i knew we were supposed to get snow starting early wednesday morning, and the weather network called for a big storm. but the thing is, the weather network never seems to be right, so i kind of blew it off. wednesday morning, i awoke to a snow globe outside. my class started at 10:45 and normally i would leave around 9 (getting me to school around 10:20), giving myself approximately 30 minutes extra time (there's always some kind of delay with public transit). but this time, i thought "nah, i'll leave at 8:45. that'll be fine."

now, if it wasn't for a test i had, i totally would have stayed home. i kept checking my email thinking that for sure, based on the fact that i know my prof comes from further north, she'll cancel the test/class. that would be a no. so i bundled up and headed for my 20 minute walk to the subway, snow pummeling my face. before i go into no-service-land, i check my email again - still nothing. on the subway i go. every time there's a pocket where we're outside with service, i check. still nothing. 'wow, she's persistent', i'm thinking.
walking to the subway in the storm. 

i get to the end and then get on a bus to school. still no email. normally this bus ride is 10-15 minutes. i quickly see it's not going to be that. not long after getting on the bus, i get the email; yes, class is cancelled. a notice at 10am. a little late, no?! without making this much longer, i was on the bus for 2 HOURS. and i didn't even make it to school. i was going to go all the way to recharge my phone and grab a coffee, but knew it would add on another hour or so. i should have gotten off the bus earlier, but i finally had enough, got off at a random spot, trudged my way through knee-high snow to a stop in the other direction and took an hour-long bus ride back to the subway station.

all in all, i commuted for 5.5 hours roundtrip for a class that was cancelled. i told dylan i felt like on of those grandparents telling little kids, "you know, when i was your age, i was walking 5km uphill to school, with snow up to my knees." :P
so, how did you enjoy a snow day, if you had one??

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