Wednesday, January 22, 2014


today seems like it's just one of those days. 9 a.m. and i'm already saying that. see, i woke up at 7 and my head felt like it was the size of a balloon, and my throat was on fire and i could barely swallow. after a few minutes, i dragged myself out of bed, got myself ready, and actually somehow managed to look fairly decent. messy bun, hot pink sweater -it was somehow all working. as i'm brushing my teeth, preparing to leave in 5 minutes, i pick up my phone and read my emails.

just my luck, there's one from my professor cancelling today's class. while i'm happy i don't have to go anywhere today and this bone-chilling weather, i wish i had seen it sooner. but the bright side is that tomorrow's class is cancelled too, so i've got 2 days off. that, i'm ok with.

unrelated - for christmas, dylan's parents gave us a keurig and when i registered it online, i got a coupon for 'buy 2 boxes, get 2 boxes free' of k-cups. it had to come from america (but it shipped surprisingly fast - 5 business days), but with the coupon, i think it was still cheaper. that said, yesterday i got home, absolutely frozen, and the box was there waiting for me! while i still much prefer the taste of a french press coffee, the keurig is great for limited time and trying different flavors. and after trying many different k-cups at others houses before we had one of our own and not liking any, i've learned that i really only like a dark roast, something like italian or french.
the cafe express mini box came as a free bonus. 

the cinnabon cups are a light roast, however, it really does smell just like a cinnabon and you do get that flavor. this coming from the girl who when working at starbucks and had to do coffee tastings and was asked the question, "so what notes do you pick up? citrus? coco? berry?" would reply, "coffee?"

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Amy said...

I'm with you on the dark roast with a french press. It's the only way I drink my coffee!

That's awesome your class was cancelled for 2 days, hopefully you'll be feeling better by the time Friday rolls around!

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