Thursday, January 30, 2014

through the iphone...

life is pretty boring lately, hence the lack of updates this month. there's school, which takes up most of my time, but then this polar vortex is still going strong, kind of keeping up housebound even when we do have free time. these photos are what i have to show for it.
 finally getting over the sickness.
 walked in to the living room at my parents to find this handsome man just chillin' here.
 teaching an old dog new tricks. rollover didn't go so well.
 the voluminous aftermath of taking down a 3 day topknot. 
 international day at school meant free food! 3 plates in the front are mine and they were delicious! except that i was saving my cannoli for last and someone bumped it on the ground by accident (and there were no more left) and i wanted to cry! today is the last day for it (different cultures every day), hoping to score more.
 i just love her little boots.
sometimes you need to walk to the store for ice cream, even though it's -30.

maybe february will bring more entertainment.

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