Thursday, November 14, 2013

life and such...

who would have thought we would be where we are today a year ago? last summer, dylan had lost his job, i wasn't working yet, & he had just taken a week long course at college and started a new job. that new job was like the devil to me, it sounded absolutely terrible, even though you couldn't deny the pay was fantastic. but since then, he's taken his exam and become fully licensed, and i'll admit, it's not completely terrible. yes, some days i still hate his job, the hours, and the inability to plan things in advance. but, for the most part, we've become accustomed to it and its working out well for us. that said, he wants to switch companies in the spring/summer, & i hate change, but one step at a time, ya know?

as for me, i still can't believe i'm back in school, and actually really enjoying it. it's going by incredibly fast; in one month, exams will be over and i'll be off for just over 4 weeks! oh sweet relief. then it's 1 semester down, only 2 to go. i also can't believe how well i'm doing. a few 80s, but mostly 90s and even 100s. i only hope i can keep that up for finals and the next 2 semesters.

 i think i can attribute those high marks to the fact that i'm older now. i've (finally) realized the benefit of studying, doing homework every night, not letting things pile up, and not procrasting on assignments. it only took all of college and university to realize that (actually 4th year university, 2nd semester. smart, huh?). but at 26, i'm more serious about school and know the benefits of doing well and being the top of the class. do i want the best placements in 3rd semester? heck yes! do i want the program coordinator to recommend me as 1 of 3 to go to an 'honors dinner' in 3rd semester with one of the law firms with the hopes of being hired on? absolutely! so, if things get a little quiet (like they kind of have been), it's because i'm working my butt off!

unrelated picture, but the post needed one (the mall already has the christmas stuff up)

all this said, i'm off to class to write yet another quiz. college just loves the quizzes. seriously. at least 3 a week!

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Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

also contributing to your asskicking of school is that you have LIFE goals! something that 18yr olds have trouble envisioning.

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