Monday, November 25, 2013

celebrating seven...

over the weekend, we went out to dinner to celebrate our anniversary. we went to a place nearby that we both love, gusto 101, and even got the same plates we did last time, because they're just so good. one day we'll venture out and try other things on the menu. afterwards, we went out to do some christmas shopping in the frigid cold (seriously, it got down to -13C). shortly after we got home, dylan headed into work to do some overtime and i, unfortunately, was sick and throwing up! it wasn't food poisoning, but some weird stomach thing i've been getting for years sometimes after i eat out. i've yet to find what's causing it, or what common ingredient i keep eating, but it doesn't normally actually make me sick, just feeling like i will be. but this time, it came up. but enough about that sick stuff.

the tree at brookfield place is beautiful.

 cold, but as canadians, we can handle it.


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i LOVE downtown during the christmas season and it gets better every year!!

Vodka and Soda

elena said...

I love the tree made of christmas lights, where is it?

This is my new blog, have a look!

Life Abroad said...

The tree in Brookfield Place is gorgeous, I'll need to check it out this year!

I also had the same thing with throwing up after eating in restaurants, and it turns out it was gluten (I now have Celiac's). Sorry to hear about that though :(

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