Friday, October 25, 2013


we have been waiting in anticipation for months for the ripley's aquarium of canada to open, and just over a week ago, it finally did! we had originally planned to wait a few weeks, thinking the crowds might die down a bit, but we were just too excited. with 15,000 animals in 5.7 million litres of water, it's no small place. for $30 (each), it took us just under 2 hours to get through and we both thoroughly enjoyed it. we took a lot of pictures, though with the lighting and the fact that fish don't exactly stay still, it's hard to get good ones. regardless, there's a whole whack below.
it's located right at the base of the cn tower.
this one aquarium is about 25ft tall i would guess.

ew. *shudder*

the dangerous lagoon is definitely the best part.
you walk along an underwater tunnel. sharks, sting rays, plenty of fish swimming over you.
look up and see this guy. his friendly face makes you feel welcome.

feeling like kids.
look at the size of that fish compared to me. unreal.

shark overhead!
selfie with nemos!

face-off with a shark in a glass dome.
and this is what i saw from inside the dome. kinda cute, no?
jellyfish. lots.

petting sharks.
i tried, and had to walk away. then i realized i couldn't leave without petting a shark. so i tried for a good 5 minutes before i actually did it. notice the hand over my mouth, i was terrified.

it might seem like a place that's only good for kids, but i think it makes a good date, or a visit with friends. you'll feel like a kid and just be in awe of everything around you. it's a good time, really.


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

SO AWESOME!! i can't wait to take my daughter. i'm waiting for the crowds to die down though... was it really busy?

Vodka and Soda

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! I've been wanting to go ever since I heard it was being built. My boyfriend and I are planning on going eventually, but I'm worried about the crowds too. How busy was it? I'll probably wait until later in November to go.

Lauren said...

Looks like you guys had fun! Places where we can see all sorts of animals and such are some of my boyfriend and I's favorite places to go on dates - they're just fun.

Floral and Fauna said...

I want to go here so badly! You're gorgeous by the way!

Unknown said...

SOOOO COOL! There is an aquarium in Minneapolis that has the tunnel, but this aquarium looks like it has LOTS of different features. Very neat! Thanks for sharing.

Coming here from 20sb. :)

Sara said...

Those pictures look amazing! I am definitely going to have to put the aquarium on my to-do list for next time I'm in Toronto!

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