Tuesday, October 29, 2013


to end off my reading week, i had booked us a quick getaway to montreal for the weekend. it's nice and close, just over a 5 hour drive, canadian currency, no passports required, yet a nice weekend away. we stayed at the boutique hotel chez swann and loved it. there's only 23 rooms, the staff are lovely, and the location is absolutely amazing - right downtown, a 2-3 minute walk to it all.
early mornings.
 that's a big glass window on the left, which is the shower..sexy ;)

 the lobby.
the hotel itself.

beautiful old houses.

the rain was picking up here.

the best poutine.
 i found cronuts!
delicious? you betcha.

unfortunately, we didn't have the greatest weather, however, that didn't deter us from heading out. friday, we checked out all the stores downtown, i bought some hunter wellies (super excited, it seems to be raining a lot her lately and my feet will now be happy) and we lucked out that roots was having a sale. we separated once we got into the store, only to meet up holding the same sweater in different colors for ourselves. i guess we have similar tastes! we still went ahead and bought them. later that night, we saw the movie gravity (very good!). 

saturday was a wet day to say the least, raining nonstop morning to night. we wandered around the underground mall, took a long walk to la banquise for poutine, walked some more, and headed back for a nap after hitting up a bookstore. we also went to the casino, although i can't say i would recommend it, it was just a sad, depressing casino, despite being huge. we broke even plus gained $10. woohoo ;)

after a light breakfast, we packed up sunday morning, but before getting on the highway, made one last stop at la cornetteria for their cronuts. comparable to the nyc craze, they were absolutely amazing.

until the next road trip...


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

LOVE (old) montreal! reminds me of europe...so quaint and cozy. looks like an awesome trip

Vodka and Soda

Danielle V. said...

Great pictures! I've never had poutine but I really want to try it...


Apajquwbe said...

Great photos!!! I blogged about my trip to Montreal a couple years back. It was lovely. Actually I tried to apply to Canadian citizenship and got denied because I don't have a job there lol. Anyway. Cheers to Montreal!

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