Monday, October 21, 2013

kiss the bride...

this weekend was the wedding of my 'older brother' so to speak. our parents have been neighbors for 28 years (along with 4 other houses all in a row on their street), so we've known each other/grown up together our whole lives. the wedding was beautiful and  a good time had by all. 

side story: i bought my dress for the reception part months ago (found on a sale rack, 1 left, my size!) and knew that i had this bra (note: nsfw, since it's a picture of a gal in a bra), so i didn't bother to check and make sure i had 2 pieces of tape, since hey, i only remember wearing it once and it came with 6 pieces. (the side of the dress as well, making a regular strapless bra not possible.) half hour before we planned to leave, i go to get dressed, only to find i have 1 piece of tape left. oh shit. i wake dylan up from his nap, and tell him we need to go NOW to the lingerie store nearby to buy a few more pieces of tape. i need to also mention it was pouring all day, a hair nightmare. i run in, they don't sell it; sales associate tells me she thinks she's seen it somewhere else, we speed there. nope, not there either. i get home defeated, not wanting to go braless. my only option left, that was worth a shot- cut the single piece of tape in half and hope it's enough strength to support. bingo. it works! we're now 10 minutes after we were supposed to leave, i put my dress on, zip it up, and hook the little clip at the top... it pops off. seriously?! i was then standing in my dress and my mom was sewing it back on. nothing like a little pre-wedding stress. thank goodness it wasn't my wedding day.

onward to the pictures!
fam jam ready for the ceremony.
love my necklace :)

vows exchanged. tears shed.
kisses are awesome! so excited!
being stitched up. no laughing matter. but really, it's funny.
reception ready.


my parentals.
a nice one where my eyes are starting to close.
such a boy to ruin it on the second try ;)
entering the new mr. and mrs.!
always love watching the first dance.
the dj got everyone on the dance floor.
dessert + baileys *thumbs up*

he's miley.
midnight seafood buffet, crab legs, lobster, anything you could imagine. i don't eat seafood, so i stuck to the dessert table..not disappointed.

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Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

what a lovely event!!! and you look amazing :)

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