Monday, September 23, 2013

weekend ways...

what a day yesterday, i tell ya. the rest of the weekend was good; friday saw the movie prisoners, which is absolutely fantastic, and saturday we went a friends house for a small party. but sunday, man that threw us for a loop. we started out by going to a nearby park for an art festival. we had planned to leave around 2pm to head to my parents for dinner, leaving early because the main highway into the city was closed for the weekend and we knew it would take about about 2 hours to get there. we head down to our car and don't we see a flat back tire. just great. we call caa and wait over an hour for them to come and put a spare on it. by the time it was all fixed, it was about 4pm and dylan didn't want to drive that far on a spare and it had gotten to late. he's gone to get new tires today.

we went back up to our place and i decided that we might as well do a few groceries, so i put a little list together. back down we go to our car. we have a key that starts our key, plus an auto start fob that has all the automatic unlock, lock etc. buttons on it, too. weird as it is, the car won't start with the key without clicking a button on the fob. of course, of course, the fob is dead. and as luck would have it, the fob on our second set of keys died a few months ago and for whatever reason, we never changed the battery on that one. we called around to find a place that sold that battery and then walked 40 minutes to go buy a pack. 

the only good thing to come of this is that we decided to do groceries because had we not, dylan wouldn't have gone down to the car until 9:30pm when leaving for work and then he would have been in trouble.
saw lots of these cute guys around the city this weekend.

on a happier note, it's officially time to welcome fall and i did so by buying a few candles. while yesterday was a crummy day, we enjoyed ourselves at the art fest and were bundled up in boots and big scarves because it was the perfect crisp, cool first day of fall.
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