Wednesday, September 11, 2013

my body, my pad, my ride...

september in toronto means that streets are shut down, paparazzi are always around, red carpets are rolled out and celebrities are in town. it can only mean one thing; tiff (toronto international film festival). i haven't had much luck this year, though i haven't been on the lookout. yesterday, while walking by a theatre, i saw crowds starting to form. i asked a girl what they were waiting for and she said "don jon." but then she said joseph gordon-levitt and scarlett johansson and i was all, "aha! that one!" it was far too hot and i was carrying an awful lot and there was still some time before the red carpet so i left. on my way home, i started thinking that i kind of would like to see jgl, so when i got home, i changed, charged my phone quickly (how could i go to a red carpet with only 6% battery), grabbed the dog and headed right back out. 

the crowds had grown significantly, which is never good for a shorty like me. first same scarjo. i saw her, but of course, could only get pictures of her hair.  then came the main man; mr. joseph. i couldn't see him at all with the cameras and pictures to be signed flying in the air. womp womp. i left slightly defeated. 
 calm before the storm.
 that's her blonde hair there in the centre. move your phone!

 her back! as good as i got.
tiff bonus: free stuff all over the city. more than usual.

other years i've been more successful; matt damon, michael douglas, michael c. hall and sarah silverman, and james franco. maybe i'll run into more during the rest of the week, who knows. 

in the meantime, any celebs who would like to come on over to my place for a cup of coffee, my door is open to you ;)


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

i got married during TIFF and some of the celebrities were staying the hotel were my wedding reception was (metropolitan hotel) so i met and got a pic with billy zane, my sis met/got a pic with chris cooper and my friends met darryl hannah but she was pissed drunk out of her mind and was acting like an idiot.

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