Friday, September 27, 2013

curried pumpkin soup...

a few days ago, i got the new food network magazine in the mail but hadn't had time to look at it. i travel quite the distance to get to school, so i grabbed it on my way out the door yesterday and read it on the subway. let me just say, this issue is jam packed with fall goodness; i was folding pages over left and right. there's an insert as well that gives you 50 pumpkin related recipes. i was itching to try one for dinner that night and chose the curried pumpkin soup. it was a very simple recipe, but when i had the pumpkin and both liquids in the pot, it didn't look like a lot. so in the end, i ended up making 1.5x the recipe.

i think i found the lime to be a little strong (the only ingredient i didn't add more of), but overall, it was a nice fall dish. i can't wait to try more from the magazine, including a few desserts!

here's the recipe for those interested: curried pumpkin soup - #3 on the list.

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Ivvy said...

omg, those recipes look deliscious!

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