Friday, September 6, 2013

a giveaway win - styled...

a few weeks ago, i won a $100 gift card from krysten's blog for a place called boxie, which sells t shirts, cardigans and dresses! it came at a perfect time, considering back to school was right around the corner and i could use a few new items. after looking around the site, i ultimately decided on the bella reversible cardigan in fern green, as it looks like a nice, deep hunter green on the swatch on the site. now, i'm not an online shopper at all. as in, i've done it once approximately 3 years ago and the sizes were so far off that i just don't get how people do it. i hummed and hawed on what size to order, but decided to stick with the xs, as krysten said the store runs true to size. shortly after i ordered it, it was waiting in my mailbox and i was oh so excited.
the sweater is truly so soft and it fits like a glove and hangs nicely. the only tidbit i have to say about it is that the sweater is brown, not fern green. in natural light, i may be able to see where the fern color comes in ever so slightly, but overall, i find it to be brown. but hey, fall is right around the corner, and i don't have anything brown in my closet, so it's a welcome change and something new!
 dylan wasn't around, so phone pictures it is.

hits at a nice spot, not too short, not too long.
the fashion blogger trifecta: pigeon toes, touching of the hair, and staring off into the distance ;) had to, sorry.
first week of school. i'm tres casual and simple.

on that note, i've survived my first week back at school. like i had kind of thought, most people in my classes already have post-secondary education and are around my age. so yay for not being the old one in class! now if only my osap (a mix of grants and loans for students) would come in so that i can finish buying my books (kind of important, you know?!) and buy my new laptop which i so desperately need. here's to the weekend! 


Anonymous said...

Bree we love you!!! We are thrilled you won the giveaway for BOXIE and that you are happy with your cool Bella Cardi. Per your suggestion, I think you are right that the color looks more like Cocoa powder...we should fix it!
We do now ship to Canada and the EU! So go check us out at and use code TRYBOXIE for 20% off and free shipping on first time orders.
Thanks Bree! You are so adorable!
Boxie Tees

Jessica said...

Beautiful outfits!! your beautiful :)

I hope you have a great weekend!!
Visiting from the Wiegand's link up.


Kathy@MoreCoffeeLessTalky said...

adorable outfits! congrats on surviving your first week of class! i barely made it this week - longest week at work ever :(

Vodka and Soda

Unknown said...

You are too adorable!

Why Girls Are Weird said...

That sweater is SO CUTE on you! Nice choice! And I'm happy to hear you survived the first week of school!

Amber said...

Oh love it! Looks very comfy.

Your fashion blogger trifecta cracks me up, so spot on!

LOVE your leopard shoes.

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