Monday, August 5, 2013

in bloom...

ever since i saw the movie chloe many moons ago (pretty good movie, by the way), i've wanted to check out the allan gardens conservatory. it may have taken me nearly 4 years to get there, but a few days ago, we finally made it. it looks slightly run down on the outside and rather small, but once you get in, each room keeps leading you to another and it's much larger than you would think.

one of the bonuses of waiting so long is getting to see the agave plant in bloom. it's estimated this plant is 75 years old and they only bloom once and then die. if that wasn't cool enough, it's sprouted right through the greenhouse roof. a little triangle had to be cut so it could continue growing and once the plant dies within the next few weeks, the hole will be fixed.
when you walk in, you're greeted with this.

so many incredible flowers.

a banana plant!

onto the desert room.

i thought these were just the coolest things.

the agave plant! shooting through the roof!

and here we are in front of it, well, the one inch you can see over dylan's head!

from the outside. it's already starting to die.
from the outside.

overall, i think i said, "that's so cool!" about 154 times. if you're in the toronto area, i would definitely recommend checking it out. (also, another thing that can be checked off my summer list!)


Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow that place is absolutely STUNNING.

P.S. I'm giving away a $100 gift card to Boxie this week and I would love for you to come and enter!

Unknown said...

Ah! I love gardens and flowers.
So beautiful!

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