Friday, August 16, 2013

bluest of blues; tobermory...

oh tobermory, what can i say about you besides the fact that you are so incredibly beautiful and amazing. although the area where we spent most of our time isn't technically tobermory, it's the bruce peninsula national park, i think most people generalize it all as tobermory. even though it's a 3.5 hour drive away, we knew we probably wouldn't get there for an overnight trip this summer, so we decided to take a friend and just make it a day trip. the friend we took just moved here from the uk about 2 months ago (his girlfriend was working and couldn't make the trip), and we've only known them for about a month. he was laughing that we considered 3.5 hours to be a day trip and said that he could drive across the uk in that amount of time!

i didn't know a whole lot about tobermory going into this trip, just that it's been a place i had wanted to get to for years. i knew there was a grotto and crystal clear water. gps first took us about a 20 minute drive further than we intended, but we did get to see a lighthouse, the beautiful water and make a sandwich on the side of the road. once we figured out how to get to the grotto, we drove there only to find that the park rangers were turning everyone away because the parking lot was full! (note: it's part of the bruce peninsula) they told us to try again in a bit, and in the meantime we went to a nearby beach called the "singing sands", which was ridiculously windy and a little cold. after about an hour, we tried to get a parking spot again to no avail. we went to the bank and tried again. still no luck. by this time it was about 4:30. the rangers told us that we could just keep circling if we wanted, so that's what we did. after going by them about 5 or 6 times, they finally told us there was a spot available! once we parked,  we had a 45 minute hike ahead of us to the final destination of the grotto and indian head cove. it's quite a nice flat walk along the lake, until you get to the end; then you're scaling rocks and climbing up and down cliffs. but, it is so worth it. this place is absolutely beautiful and i had no idea that a place with water this clear existed in ontario, let alone only 3.5 hours from toronto. and bonus, there's no fish, not even minnows!! well, i'm sure there are when it drops off and the water gets darker blue, but not in the clear part.

ready for a complete photo overload?! it was all too pretty to narrow down.
country roads and clouds along the way.
lots of tourists at tobermory!
 first time laying eyes on the clearest water i've ever seen.

seriously though, are we in the caribbean? 
 singing sands beach.

 sand bottoms and shallow water.

along the 45 minute walk (once we parked) to indian head cove and the grotto.
 the beautiful indian head cove.
 trying to find how we get to the grotto; not easy.

 time to head into the FRIGID 65 degree georgian bay water.

 new best friends haha
 it was weird going into water that cold. my body could handle it, but it actually took my breath away and i had a hard time breathing for a few minutes. i think the coldness shocked my organs ;)
 oh, here come some waves.
tearin' me down. the slippery rock bottom was the main culprit.
 loving life.


i think it's high time i stop here and leave the grotto for monday's post. it was so crazy and cool, so of course i got snap happy!


Elizabeth Kelsey Bradley said...

Absolutely stunning!! What a wonderful day you must have had, and in such a beautiful place.

daniela said...

This so reminded me of going to Bruce with my family when I was younger. We did Georgian Bay a few times & while the water was always freezing, it was always so much fun. My fave was definitely Sauble Beach - I'd really, really like to go again. But weekends is a bad idea (way too much traffic) and not enough vaca for a mid-week trip :( Oh adulthood LOL

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