Monday, July 22, 2013

hello 26...

i woke up the morning of my 26th birthday to pink roses and a present on the table. dylan had only gotten home from work at 5:30am and left me a note to wake him up at 11:30. once he was awake, i opened my gift (which i picked out because it was something i had really wanted for a while), went to starbucks for my free birthday drink, then met up with some friends for a cheap lunch and drinks.

 after lunch, we got cleaned up a bit and hit up grand electric for some mexican. i heard after about 6pm, that waits can be up to 3hrs; we got there around 5:30 and waited about half hour. the gauc and nachos were delicious and there was more than enough gauc (always important). we each got one pork, one chicken, and one beef taco. when they arrived, we both thought they were pretty tiny, but once i started eating, i couldn't even finish the last 2 bites of my third one. they were amazing. if you live in toronto, i 100% recommend this place. note: it's definitely hipster central, and there's ridiculously loud hip hop music blasting, making it hard to have a convo, but man is that food good. and if you like your bourbon, they have a wall full of all different kinds.

i'm so shocked! not. ;)
will these magically turn me into a runner?!
and a 'leather effect' nail polish.
max power; the name he's given for years when he doesn't have to give his real name.
birthday mimosas.
deliciousness. (note: if you go here and get the pork, be forewarned, it's extremely spicy!)

once we got home from dinner and the storm passed, these awesome looking mammatus clouds appeared; toronto looked beautiful. a few hours later, the most unreal lightning storm took place. cities across the lake were getting pounded with a terrible storm, but all we could see was the entire sky lighting up for at least 45 minutes. when i say it was non-stop, it truly was; i have never seen anything like it before. we sat on our balcony and just sat and watched like it was fireworks, including the "oohhs" and "aahhs" and "whooaaa did you see that?!". we weren't able to capture anything really, but this gives you a little idea.
the sunset from our balcony.

 a lightning storm to ring in my 26th? why thank you mother nature.


Brittany SSP said...

Those clouds look awesome! Bet it was quite a show. And happy late birthday :)

Amber said...

I feel like I missed telling you happy birthday! So, if I did - I'm sorry, and HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! :)

Love those shoes, and the birthday mimosas looks yummy!

Apajquwbe said...

Happy Belated!!! :)

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday!...well belated birthday!...

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