Tuesday, July 2, 2013

a cabin adventure...

an adventure is the best i can call it. 30 minutes before we were leaving, i had my blow dryer out to take with me and dylan lets me know that there is no electricity. only propane powered. well this just keeps getting better and better doesn't it? first outhouses and now this?! i seriously considered backing out, but i went through with it. after a few hours in the car, we met up with his aunt and uncle at a friends where they park their cars, saw a couple horses which live on the farm, loaded up the atv's with all our stuff and then went on the 30 minute rocky, muddy, bumpy atv ride to the cabin. this cabin, which belongs to his aunt and uncle, sits on 220 acres of land that they own. insane. so private is an understatement. and there's a real threat for bears and moose.

when we got to the cabin, i was pleasantly surprised; it was bigger than i thought. it took his uncle and his brother 3 years to build it. there's a nice big porch, a living/kitchen area on the main floor, and an open upstairs with about 6 beds. we had s'mores, burgers, open fire cooked wings, potatoes, you know, the usual. they all enjoyed doing things like fishing and swimming in the lake. i was down for neither. plus, the weather was not fantastic. it was a little cool and i was in pants and a sweater the entire time. come sunday, i just couldn't do another day. i needed toilets, i needed clean running water to wash my hands (not lake water siphoned in), i needed electricity, and no bugs! around 1pm, we took an atv ride back to our car and back to civilization. the first stop was obviously starbucks, though we were driving for an hour before we got to one ;)
7am, not sure if i'm ready.
making friends.

looking good for the ride through the forest.
off we go!
and we've arrived.

their dog looking ever so regal. and the outhouse in the back.

the best part of camping.


here's a little video which was put together using the vine app clips i took. meaning, the quality is horrible and it's quick 6 second clips!

i'm glad i went and experienced this, but it's not for me. i'll stick to fully equipped cottages and a night or two of camping on campgrounds, because at least there are washrooms! but you know, i tried.


Amy said...

it looks so peaceful! I haven't gone swimming yet this year, because it's been so cold but that lake looks amazing!

I have friends that live in a cabin like that and up until late last fall they didn't have an indoor bathroom - all outhouse! they would drive to the gym or their parents to shower. It's like camping year round. Half way through the winter they actually moved to his parents though because the upkeep in the cold temperatures was getting to be too much!

I love going out there for a night, but I definitely couldn't live there!

Unknown said...

I haven't had s'mores in forever and now you've got me craving one.

Unknown said...

the photos and post was great!
Those s'mores look amazing-balls

Alycia Mealy said...

gorgeous photos!!



daniela said...

The place does look lovely! But there's a reason I have not been camping/cottaging in several years - how am I supposed to consider time spent being utterly uncomfortable and inconvenienced relaxing? Let alone a VACATION! That's before you consider that in many cases, you have to go through a ton of traffic to get out of the GTA and on your way to cottage country. Therefore., I 1000% commend your efforts! :))

daniela said...

PS: Where was Chloe?! I only see another black dog enjoying the dock...

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