Wednesday, July 31, 2013

a blogger date...

last night, i was able to go on a little blate with daniela. we had our first blate about a year ago, and then i moved out of the city (remember when i left toronto for 10 months? i like to forget that part!) and we weren't able to meet again, until last night! we met up after she finished work and had a couple drinks on a rooftop patio. i ordered the peach bellinis and was pleasantly surprised when the bill came that they were only $4.49 each because of bellini tuesday (instead of the regular $6.99!). somehow, we managed to stay there for 3 hours until it got dark, and then headed our separate ways.

we'll definitely be doing this again, and not letting another year go by in the meantime!


xoxo Kelly said...

That view is incredible! I love when you go months/a year of not seeing someone you're able to pick up where things left off. Those are by far the best friendships!

Amber said...

Aww, blates (blogger+date) ;) are my fave!

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