Thursday, May 23, 2013

such a beautiful sound...

most years we try to make it down to the beaches to see the victoria day fireworks. it's one big spectacle where a huge chunk of the city gathers on the sand and watches the sky light up. the fireworks were beautiful and they're always fun to see.

but what's not fun is the whole getting home after the fireworks, along with like, 100,000 other people. toronto transit (in any form-buses, streetcars, and subways) just cannot match the demand of how many people go. it becomes an absolute nightmare, and then add in the people who choose to drive and the streets become completely gridlocked. subways are rammed, cars/streetcars aren't moving (& they're packed like sardines) and good luck getting on a free shuttle. any other time we would have walked a bit until we left the crowds behind and then got on a streetcar, but you know, about 5 minutes after the fireworks ended, the clouds opened up and it POURED. the streets were a disaster, as everyone attempted cover with jackets and whatever they had. we stood there for a bit, unsure of what to do. obviously public transportation in the near future was out of the question and so was walking, it's just too far. we managed to catch a cab just out of all the craziness. had we caught the cab in the mess, i can only imagine what our toll would have been.

it was raining gold dust on the crowds here, or at least it felt that way.


daniela said...

That's what I meant to tell you on Instagram - we considered going but then didn't want to deal with getting home. I actually had no idea it was THIS bad. Not surprised though. BUT they are soooooooooo pretty :))

Ivvy said...

The fireworks are so pretty

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