Monday, May 27, 2013

behind the scenes...

both saturday and sunday was 'doors open toronto', where "it gives people an opportunity to take a peek behind the doors of  nearly 150 architecturally,  historically, socially, and culturally significant buildings across the city", which are normally closed to the public, or not free. during these 2 days, it was all free. we wandered around the city for about 6 hours on saturday and went into maybe 10 different places.

 they were making some cookies and cakes with recipes from hundreds of years ago.

bye fort york, onto the next stop.
 one king west, grand banking hall. beautiful wedding venue ;)
 downstairs in the vault.
vault door; 4 feet wide, weighing in at 40 tonne. 
bank of commerce ceiling.
next: at redpath sugars. that's a mountain of sugar, yes.
 if you're wondering about the smell? amazing.
 i can't remember the name of this, but it was a workshop that fixes old trains.
 a brewery.
 dylan volunteered me to try on the jacket. i fill it out well.

it was a long, but awesome day. it's pretty rare to see in these places, and of course, we only saw a small fraction of what was open, but it was very cool.

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daniela said...

You always know the coolest things going on in the city, unlike me LOL And yes, I would trust you to save me from a fire. A fake fire that is... ;)

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