Wednesday, April 17, 2013

keys to the good life...

monday, we met with our agent one last time at our new place, signed a few final documents, and got the keys!! we were beyond excited, obviously. we took a look around all the amentities (we couldn't see them until we were actually residents) and they are ahhhhmazing! there is everything you could possibly think of, right at our fingertips, for free. we basically live in a resort. every month there's a fitness schedule all mapped out (yoga, pilates, bootcamp, body fuse etc)..i better get my butt down there and put it to good use!
we met up with our friend and showed him around our new digs, and then walked around the city a bit. then of course, we were so giddy, we drove home after rush hour, got a few things to bring back and some stuff to sleep over. along with wine and chips. and we slept on the floor. uncomfortably. but we just couldn't help ourselves.
the drive in. obviously looking forward to it.
i'm back, baby.
from our balcony; the lake and the airport. can't wait to see planes coming in and leaving.
missing the fridge? nope, the fridge and freezer are the white 'cabinets' beside the oven there. and one of the 'cabinets' by the sink? that's the dishwasher. a dishwasher! hidden gems.

the happy couple moving into our 2nd place together.

a few things for our first sleepover + netflix.
our ultra comfy sleeping arrangements.

of course, we brought the morning essentials with us.

we're completely in love with this place and can't wait to really get moved in soon. the only issue? our big (and it is big, but oh so comfy) sectional is actually too big for this place. we paid a fair amount for it, and even though it's only 9 months old, nobody would pay close to full price for a used sofa. so a light bulb went off and i asked dylan why not just try to take the middle section out and piece together the end two. even though it's a sectional, there's hooks and brackets and it's not really meant to mix and match the pieces; it's meant  to be used as one huge couch. but! dylan went to work and we think we may just be able to make it work. thank goodness because i do not want to go on the hunt for another couch purchase. that was the worst. living in a tiny condo? you must be resourceful. 


Why Girls Are Weird said...

That place is SNAZZY. Can't wait to see how you decorate it!

HMF said...

That is one awesome place! I love how modern and sleek it is.

And omg that fridge is GENIUS!

I hope you enjoy the move (and decorating)!

Amber said...

Ooooh I'm jealous. I love how open it is! And that's the best kitchen ever. Awesome amenities too. I think I wanna come live there. Neighbors? :)

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