Friday, March 8, 2013

welcome to the new age...

we were supposed to go to toronto for my friends birthday on saturday, but you know, plans change. about 15 of us met up beforehand the house our friend just moved into to eat some snacks, drink some drinks, and make another harlem shake video. what can i say, people were so jealous of the harlem shake we did earlier and all wanted to join in on one. unfortunately, i won't be sharing this one ;) we ended up hanging out at the house too long and by the time we left and got downtown at 11:30pm, of course, every place was at capacity. we ended up at the grungiest, most disgusting bar in town, full of scary/rough looking women who could possibly be crack but at least there was live music and dancing.

the outfit  (and dylan's housecoat on the floor...)
jello shooters with a spoon. good stuff.
mmm tasty.
ridiculously good looking.

do you think he's having a good time?

and dylan? he goes hard on the dancefloor. he takes the phrase "dance like nobody is watching" literally.

1 comment:

Amber said...

HAHA! Dylan looks like a fun dancer.

The jello shooters with a spoon? That sounds yummy!

Love your shoes, too!

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