Monday, March 4, 2013

private party...

although my grandma's birthday (dad's mom) is later this week, we held her 90th birthday party in the "social room" of her building on sunday. family, friends, and all of her friends from the building were invited, but she was adamant that only people she wanted to be there, be there. she must be one the feistiest ladies i know and has absolutely no filter whatsoever. case in point: about 5 minutes after the party started, people slowly started trickling in, and my mom was getting a picture of my grandma, me, and my cousin. this lady walked in and my grandma blurts out, "you're not supposed to be here." the lady replies back, "i just wanted to say happy birthday." again, my grandma, "you shouldn't  here." we were all pretty embarrassed and were just looking at my grandma with wide eyes and telling her not to worry. not sure why she didn't want that particular lady there, but from what she tells us, that building is full of old people drama!
90 years young.

with grandma and mom.

star of the show.
and because i liked my peplum top and leopard flats ;)

happy birthday grandma!

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Amber said...

Your outfit looks great! I wish I could pull off peplum, I just can't.

I love feisty little old ladies! She sounds great! :) And looks fab for 90!

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