Wednesday, March 13, 2013


a bit of what's going on in these parts lately...

 sunday dinner at my parents = cheese filled rice balls for appetizers.
sunday was also absolutely beautiful at 15 degrees (celsius) 
friday and saturday mornings.
me and dyl were close together looking at something, chloe felt left out, squeezed behind dyl and right between us. i swear, she can never be close enough; her teeth were just hanging out while lying on me one night and makes me lol every time i look at this pic.
the first 3 targets in canada had 'soft openings' about a week ago, so we checked one out; horses in coats, too cute.
about 3y/o here, holding a cigar, beer, chips, wearing overalls and no shirt..must be fun to do what you please to your kids and laugh at them haha; sick on the couch. boo.

instagram: breeslife


Amber said...

Cheese filled rice balls sound oh so bad for me but oh so good!!

Sara said...

Is that the market mall Target!?! is it open now? I need to go! Those rice balls sound awesome!

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