Tuesday, February 5, 2013

returning to the 80's...

friday night was just a regular ole night with my parents; you know, fire going, watching i love lucy, say yes to the dress (even dad watches it with us), four weddings, and trying on mom's wedding dress. wait, what? if you watch tlc, you've probably seen commercials for the new show that starts soon; something borrowed, something new. daughters have to choose whether to wear their mom's dress, which is reworked into something modern, or buy a new dress. during one of the commercials, my mom was all, "my dress is upstairs in the spare room closet!" i always thought it was in a box, but turns out, it was just on a hanger in a bag. a few commercial sets go by (so as to not make it obvious what i'm doing), and i head upstairs and put the dress on. duh.
high neck and sleeves. obviously the 80's.
a touch big, and a little long (mom is 3 inches taller), but it's in great condition!
a little bit of sexy in the back with the slit ;)

i have pictures of me in the dress ages ago (maybe 7 years old), but my parents got quite the kick of me walking downstairs with it on. we all had a good laugh. not shown: the fancy matching parasol and big hat! they were 20 and 22 when they got married; that's just crazy to me. i couldn't imagine getting married that young, but that's what you did back then i suppose. they've been married 30+ years now, which is crazy on its own. 

and that, my friends, was my friday night.

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s1814 said...

Isn't it crazy how back then a slit in the back was all the 'sexy' a bride needed and now they want those Pnina dresses that show everything!

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