Friday, January 11, 2013

a look back...

i was a little bored last night and decided to look through  my 'dig cam' folder on my computer, which houses all 30,000ish pictures or so by year, season, month, and event.

 2007 at halloween haunt.
our first family photo; the night i got chloe :) 2007. so tiny!
 our first nyc visit together. 2008.
 my 21st birthday. 2008.
 camping. 2009.
 stuffed in the back on the way to camping. 2010.
 beach. 2010.
 superman at a hotel. 2008.

happy weekend! 


Blicious said...

OMG the hubs and I do this from time to time. It's so fun to look back throughout the years. and my folder is called "digi cam". hahaha


Amber said...

Y'all are SUCH a fun couple! Love these pics. xoxo

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