Wednesday, January 16, 2013

beans, beans, the magical fruit...

the perks of me being home more now (more on that later) is that we're getting in the routine of making real dinners again. i've got free subscriptions to chatelaine and the food network magazines, so there's lots of new recipes coming in every month. we were at costco last week getting quinoa (a 4lb bag nonetheless) for a recipe, and dylan saw this massive (what isn't massive at costco?) container of beans for a soup. we picked it up and made the recipe that was on the back for dinner last night. it was ridiculously easy and quite delicious. since it only required one cup of beans, we still have about 90% of the container left. must find tonnes of recipes that require quinoa and beans in the near future...
garlic, onion, and celery prep.
beans. just a picture of a cup of beans.
see? big!
the recipe if anyone is interested.
certainly doesn't look like much, but i promise it's good.

any quinoa recipes to share? or other things to do with beans? chili? hand it over!


Blicious said...

looks delicious!!

Teh Megan said...

I've tried feeding people quinoa and I seem to be the only one that likes it. Sadly, all my recipes come from Pinterest and aren't very creative.

Also, one day, I wish to be able to buy stuff at bulk stores and it not go to waste. Currently, I can only get non-perishables for it to be worth the $$..

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

looks pretty good! i need to try this

Amber said...

Wait, let's talk about how you get a free subscription to Food Network magazine! I'd kill for that.

I'm not a huge bean fan, but that soup looks yum!

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