Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2012 in review...

while these posts are certainly not something you just throw together in 20 minutes, i think they're worth it. just last week i looked through last years post it made me so happy that i had taken the time for it. now, 2012 was probably the year with the most ups and downs, for me and for us. but, in the end, i can say that we've come out on top and with hopes that 2013 will be even better to us.

i baked a delicious dinner pie, made s'mores inside the house, and cut my hair. clearly, january was a painfully slow and boring month.

i went to icefest with my mom, enjoyed a snowstormgot an awesome homemade valentines day card, and made some awesome cookies.

we took advantage of an unusually warm march day, discovered my love of pinot grigio, the blog turned 3, became a little obsessed with pastels, and celebrated a friends 25th birthday.

i told you about my extreme butterfly phobia, ate a really delicious poutinewent to a wedding, the easter bunny visited me, we went to nyc yet again, and also washington, and i made one of the hardest decisions ever, which was to leave toronto.

dylan turned 26, and i made him hamburger cupcakes, went out with girl friends, saw some fireworks, shared the perks of working at a very popular coffee shop, and found the place that me and dylan would move into together.

we went to woofstock, dylan graduated, me and mom enjoyed a dessert lunch, we went back to we our relationship started, purchased some things for our new place, tried to enjoy my last friday in toronto, and reminisced about what i would miss about toronto.

i said goodbye to toronto, we started settling into our new place, went on day trips to st jacob's and niagara on the lakecelebrated my 25th, ate cake, and more birthday cake, went for a visit to niagara falls, went to a winery, and faced a bit of a challenge.

i gave you a house tour, we had our first bbq with company, went to another winery with my parents, received some amazing housewarming gifts, dylan tried to prank me, went to see the temper trap for a second time, went on a ridiculous long hike and saw deer, and found a recipe we love, while failing miserably at another.

we travelled to myrtle beach with my aunt and uncle, saw west virginia and virginia on the way there and back, had some perfect beach days, watched a sunrise over the ocean, house sat for a week, didn't attend a concert, and dylan started a new career path.

got a new job, went to the zombie walk in toronto, ate one of the best meals ever, took a foggy hike, spent a day in toronto, and recapped a trip to ottawa and a visit to a small animal farm (both of which actually took place in late september).

gave my thoughts on living together, celebrated our 6 year anniversary by going going to toronto, found little notes around the apartment, and decorated for christmas.


i shared how frugal i am, baked with my mom, had our annual girls potluck, went to an event i had helped with, got photos of us taken, got crazy spoiled at christmas, and we took a last minute trip right before new years.

bring on the new year! 2013, i'm ready.


Sara said...

Looks like you had a great and exciting year (especially with moving to a new home/city). All the best in 2013!

Melissa Blake said...

That was such a great look back at your year...you certainly were busy. Happy 2013!!

Anonymous said...

It sounds like you had a great year! Hope 2013 is just as good, if not better.

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