Friday, December 28, 2012

christmas morning...

we arrived at my parents bright and early christmas morning and held off on the breakfast so we could do gifts first. to say that they spoiled me would be a grand understatement. the last few years, my mom has always said she's 'not going overboard anymore', but that's a lie. she can't help herself. i had asked for cast iron skillets, a new point and shoot nikon (mine didn't work anymore, and sometimes we just won't want to lug the dslr), and ramekins for creme brulee, but they went above and beyond. dylan made out like a bandit, too.
 this girl thinks the family room is an obstacle course..
 christmas morning happiness.
loves his red wine.
 thermos, socks & undies, tools, gift cards, and more..pretty good haul from my parents.
 and of course, a stocking.
 little one was pretty tired from the excitement.
or maybe not.
 we got a few 'together gifts' like a blanket, coasters, some tassimo coffees, and these crystal glasses-set of 4 for white wine, and 4 for red wine. we need to have a dinner party!
 my dad surprised me with creme brulee ramekins (and butane for the torch), he didn't even tell my mom. i should say that he's not a shopper/spender (that would be my mom) so it's pretty awesome he got this for me. i cannot wait to make brulee!
 this is my mom not going overboard... #onlychildperk
 4 cast iron skillets!! homemade mac and cheese here we come!
the new nikon i had wanted :)
the look of utter shock on my face. my dad was waiting for me to open this one. it was marked "open last"
the new ipad; i've never even mentioned wanting one, but they wanted to get me something i wasn't expecting. well, it worked. 
my dad is probably thinking, "omg, your mother is crazy."
insane. i'm aware.

"give me the sausage" she's saying.

we spent the new few hours just relaxing and eating a big, delicious breakfast, until it was time to go to my aunts for dinner. we like spending time with my parents, so we stayed over for 2 nights. boxing day was another relaxing, hang around day with another big breakfast, movies, chinese food for dinner, and a snow storm that moved in at night. 

all in all, a good christmas; time off work, family time, good food, surprises, and yes, gifts.


Blicious said...

aww so fun! I want an Ipad!!
Merry Christmas!

Amber said...

Damn, now I wish I was an only child. ;) Haha.

You got some good stuff! How fun for the mini cast iron skillets and brulee sets. I want to eat some!

What exactly is Boxing Day? I always see it on the calendar, but have never known what it is...

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