Monday, October 22, 2012

the walking dead...

blood, guts, gore, and death; that's how we spent our saturday. sounds lovely, no? that's right, we went to the toronto zombie walk. 
20 minutes of work went a long way.

i liked the black and white, too.
ready to hit the road!
this is how it was the whole day; he was a hit.

'zombie grinder' on the top right won first place.

this guy was great, just a simple 'fresh meat' sign.
our trio.
(human) snacks? kind of funny placement considering it's a zombie walk.
more zombies, doing their thang.
it was like this literally every step of the 2km walk. it was insane. and weird. kind of an indication of how celebs feel?
zombies stop at stop lights, too.
breaking out in smiles.
zombies take over yonge dundas square.

they were expecting about 10,000 people to show up and i'm betting that many, if not more, did. we all met at nathan phillip square before the walk and there so many photographers there just taking everyone's picture. i guess it's a pretty cool event to go and get some great shots. some people really went all out and it was pretty impressive. while a lot of people stopped me to take my picture (it was so hard to stay in character and not smile), dylan stole the show. i think he scared a lot of people by then seeing his 'clean' side first, and then he would turn and there would be an empty eye socket! fairly certain we'll be back next year as we had a blast!


daniela said...

You guys look INCREDIBLE!!!!!! And that did NOT take you 20 minutes to do, c'mon!
I even saw some zombies on Saturday night, all the way out in Scarborough (eww) when we were out for dinner - so crazy that I hadn't heard about it before!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

thats soo awesome.. what did you use to create that?

Brittany SSP said...

Your makeup is AWESOME! I want to do a zombie walk, but haven't lived anywhere where it would be that big of a deal.

Ashley said...

amazing that TO had something like this. In theory I would love to be able to do something like this but I don't actually think I have the guts to act on it.

Unknown said...

I'm so jealous! That looks like sooo much fun. I can't believe how legit all the makeup jobs are!

Rachel Emmilee said...

my husband and are religious about the walking dead. we never miss a sunday, our fav show to watch together, by far... i was never into zombies until he came along... he would LOVE to take part in a walk like this, im super jealous on his behalf!

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