Tuesday, October 30, 2012

sandy in canada...

while we certainly weren't in the eye of the storm, we did feel the effects. when i came home from work, dylan had made me a 'stay safe' kit for the storm, since he had to leave for nights around 9:30 last night. there were some high winds, and heavy rain at times, but overall, we had it really easy.
 the kit.
 plus chloe.
 off to work he goes, leaving his girls behind.
 us girls, braving it. i've got chloe, she's got her fish. we were ready.
the one casualty.

the power never went out, we never lost internet or cable, and the rain tapered off. the one thing that did happen was that our gate on our deck FLEW off and toppled down all the stairs. we were in our living room and dylan was getting ready to go and we hear a loud noise. he went to look out our side door and said the gate had blown off. i, of course, didn't believe him until i looked myself. kinda wild. hope everyone stayed safe, and if you're out of power, that it comes back soon.

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Rachel Emmilee said...

yay! i love finding other canadian bloggers... i live in nova scotia, but visit toronto from time to time.
i like your blog so far! glad sandy didn't destroy any of your surroundings!
im rachel, i blog about my life, the things i love, people i love, food i love...

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