Wednesday, October 3, 2012

llamas, sheep, and goats, oh my...

we left for ottawa at 6am and about 2 hours into the drive, we stopped at the big apple; a place that bakes tonnes of pies and breads, and also has some animals that you can pet. i pretty much love all animals, so i was on cloud 9.
sun rising on the way.
chipper at 6am.

handsome man.

haha i love llamas.

top of the apple. it's like i have a superhero shadow mask on.

clearly loving life.
and the double chin shows it ;)

"we want more!"

and here`s a short video about me and the goats; it was love at first nibble.

yes, that little bugger hooked my sweater at the end!

1 comment:

daniela said...

So we both spent time at a petting zoo this weekend & it was clearly the highlight - amazing. LOL

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