Wednesday, September 26, 2012

walkin' on the boardwalk...

when we showed up in myrtle beach, the weather was perfect; sunny, hot, and beach ready. we checked into our own condo and got settled in; our room was right next to my aunt and uncle. me and dylan had our own 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom condo with a fully stocked kitchen (not food-wise, but utensils, plates, cookware, etc). we couldn't believe it. not to mention a balcony that looked out to the pool and the ocean. also, we made use of the 2 bedrooms we had a couple of the nights due to someones loud breathing *ahem*

3 beds! the king size was glorious.
wyndham has 4 buildings, all of which have pools, and we had access to it all. one was even an infinity pool overlooking the ocean, which was pretty cool. once we got there and i saw the gym, i was all, "i'm totally going to use the gym every morning! i'm up before 7am anyways and we'll be eating like crap. yeah! gym!" then i realized i didn't bring gym shoes. so that idea lasted all of 5 minutes.

being tourists at broadway at the beach.

legs for days.
dinner at margaritaville.

nachos so big (and delicious) that 0/4 of us could even touch our meal when it got to our table.

loved feeding the cute little duck on the boardwalk!


Jamie Hirujo said...

looks like you had fun!

(new blogger, new follower)

Unknown said...

those nachos!!! omg... O_O...

(following you now)

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