Tuesday, September 11, 2012

haunted remains...

while we were housesitting, we took the dog for a nice trail walk just a short drive away. it was only a 2km loop, but there were plenty of little hills to go up and down that had my legs burning. also, i was in sandals because i tried to pack light and didn't bring runners. of course.

the hermitage. (click for details of what it is and the story behind it)
what remains of it.

such a rebel going behind those bars.

another deer sighting! with the light shining perfectly down on her.

the hermitage is supposedly haunted. if you click on that link up there, it will give you a bit more info. that last time i was here, it was nighttime, i was in grade 11 i think, and i was with 2 other girl friends. stupid us, we forgot flashlights, and we had a little climb until we could get to the house. we met a lady who was with her kid (!! kid, probably 6 or 7), and her friend with another kid the same age. we went up with them because they had light, and all the while you can hear people screaming in the forest and running around. once we got up to the house, she kept telling us to stop talking and laughing because she was trying to take pictures of orbs (of the paranormal interpretation). she was kind of freaking us out. thinking back to it, i (well, i think we all were) was scared sh*tless! in the second picture, there's a huge tree to dylan's left, and supposedly, if you take pictures of it and get them developed, you see an outline of man hanging, because that's where he killed himself. all in all, weird and creepy, but obviously not so bad in the daytime.

me and these 2 friends used to be into finding haunted stuff back in high school, and we even went to this old dilapidated barn one time (and *gasp* trespassed!) to walk around. unfortunately, not too long after that, it was burned down, by suspected arson. 

haunted stuff now at the age of 25? no thanks! i'll pass!


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I think this is SO COOL!

Have you ever watched the show Fact or Faked: Paranormal Files? It's all about ghosts and aliens. I love it!

Apajquwbe said...

Looks like a really fun day :)

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