Monday, September 17, 2012

glossybox [august]...

this months box was a mix of good and bad for me. still worth the $15 regardless of the 'bad'? yes, but there's been better.

i don't really need 2 lipsticks in one box, but ok.
the one on the left is pretty frosty. not sure i'll get much wear from it.


sebastian potion 9 lite-i've used this once so far and i liked the smell, but didn't like what it did to my hair. maybe because i let it air dry, but it was left really dried out. i'll have to try it again when i plan on actually drying my hair with the round brush.
biore make-up removing towelettes- have yet to try these, but if they're anything like the neautogena ones i've used, they'll be great. i've brough them on vacay with me so i could carry one less bottle with me (cleanser). we got a 10 pack which values for $3.99
elastoplast SOS blister-there was a lot of wasted package for just one patch. it was like, an 8 page booklet with one patch taped in the centre. it says we got a full size pack on the info card, but we got 1. anyways, a 5 pack retails for $5.99
befine skin care (5 various packages)- i loved these! there was a surprisingly amount in the little packs; i got about 3 or 4 days (morning and night) using the cleanser and night cream, if you can believe it. though i have to say, the cleanser that was mint, rice and something else-i didn't like the smell at all. i felt like i was washing my face with dental floss.
kryolan for glossybox-special edition so not sure of the price, but it's full size. the color is a tad darker than what i would normally wear, but i've worn it a few times already. it goes on nice and smooth and doesn't dry out your lips.
isadora perfect moisture lipstick-valued at $11.99, but boy is it tiny for a full size. the color is pretty bad-a real frosted pink. possibly mixed with another color it will ok, but when i tried it, it was like i went back in time when frosted lips were in. just bad.
trend trunk mystery gift card-you had to sign up to find out how much your card was valued at (between $5 and $250), which i wasn't impressed with. of course, it was only $5; pretty useless to me. it's a site that's basically an online closet to buy and sell clothes. this won't be used.

i'm looking forward to getting into the fall boxes, but i wonder if the lipsticks will get into darker shades? in that case, maybe i won't be excited! guess we'll just have to wait and see.

*so far, we're loving the beach and thus far, the weather has been great! sitting on the balcony and watching the ocean while drinking our morning coffee is a pretty sweet deal!*


Why Girls Are Weird said...

I like the darker of the two lipsticks... the light one is WAY too light for my taste.

I got a bunch of Befine moisturizer in one of my Birchboxes at the beginning of the summer and LOVED it. Works really well!

Amber said...

This seems super similar to Birchbox, which I had cancelled. But it'd be fun to get goodies again!

Teh Megan said...

Your box looks so much better than mine! I need to do a post on it, but failed so far. When I tried on the lip gloss that came in my box, my boyfriend asked me what was wrong with my mouth. Yeahhh. Definitely not a good start. But, I'm holding out hope for this month!

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