Monday, July 23, 2012

until the end...

unfortunately for me, a thursday birthday meant that dylan was working. most of the day, i just hung around, cleaned a bit,  got my free birthday drink at starbucks, relaxed and read. my parents came by after work with some mexican food and presents while dylan missed out because he works later. don't worry, he had a burrito for when he got home.

i had pinned the necklace i wanted on pinterest eons ago and kept bugging dylan to get it; our anniversary-the perfect opportunity!; christmas-even better...still no necklace. i badgered him relentlessly. finally, i knew i was getting it for my birthday. even though the gift itself clearly wasn't a surprise, the words he would choose to have engraved would be. i love how the message is at the back of your neck and it's like a little secret.
the sterling silver fortune cookie necklace, from here.
'until the end of the world'
the card with a sweet note in it.
clearly, i get real dressed up for my birthday and for my parents.

an ice cream cupcake.
the gift. it fits an iphone perfectly, which is what it's meant for.
and a little moolah.
birthday and housewarming cards fill the tv stand.

i don't think i've ever been so spoiled with so many cakes in all of my years. seriously, it was  insane. and awesome.


daniela said...

I love all the presents and your hair!!!

That MK phone holder is amazing, I've wanted something like that forever! Though I can't indulge in you think my larger-than-your-iphone Android will fit? Or is the iphone pretty snug?

I'm sure there's more bday posts coming so i'm looking fwd to those :)

Why Girls Are Weird said...

I LOVE that necklace! Lucky lady getting so spoiled!

Clarinda said...

Happy birthday, Bree! Love the inscription on the necklace.

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