Thursday, July 5, 2012


it was hard saying goodbye to my place, no doubt about that. but, i've gotten through the hardest part, and i have high hopes that we'll be back in toronto at a later date. and like i said before, it definitely helps that our friend got my place and i can go back and see it (even though it will be decorated to a boys taste!).
one of the last few days. little one among the mess.

saturday june 31st. my last time in my apartment.
this last one here was taken in august 2007, when i was moving in.

it may have been teeny-tiny, but it served me well and i loved it. i had a great little living room with a huge bay window, a bedroom with one too, and a ridiculously small kitchen that sometimes drove me mad. but i wouldn't have lived anywhere else. the neighbourhood was killer too. for anyone from toronto or who knows the area, i was pretty much right where the annex ended and yorkville began; a dream location. but, now i've moved to a new city (well, pretty close to where i grew up) and i'd say we're in the same 'killer' location here, too. you know what they say, it's all about location, location, location.


Meghan said...

Good luck getting settled in the new place!

Dylan said...

Wow look how thin I was! lol

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