Monday, May 14, 2012

nyc: day 3: schnitzel!

our third day, wednesday, was a rainy one. we spent some time just hanging out in the apartment, looking at the pictures we had taken so far and dylan uploading a few pictures to his blog for family and friends to see. and of course, we also ate some delicious food. i had heard about the schnitzel truck for years (again, thank you food network!), but for some reason, we had never made it there in the previous year. this year, i was determined. we went out in the rain, found the truck, and placed our order. the problem? there was nowhere to eat it, we didn't want to walk far because we wanted to eat it hot, and it was now pouring rain. so, we did what any normal person would do; we sat on the nyc streets right by the truck, under the scaffolding, and ate our lunch! i think some people were about to throw some change at us ;)
 the only thing needed in our fridge ;) (and the left over mac and cheese in the back)
 still eating that cupcake..
 finally made it!
just hangin' on a nyc sidewalk eating lunch.

 so damn good. this is dylan's with the cucumber salad and potatoes. i got the fries and chickpea salad. mouth watering.

smile with the chicken!
 beer and meat; a happy man.
served on a wood plank. perfect.
he bought a dinosaur tooth. 100 million years old. from this store in soho. he wanted to buy a human scull for his future office, but claiming that at the border probably wouldn't have gone well. ha.

we walked to a nearby bookstore, where i made my only purchase of the trip; this book. we went back to the apartment, cleaned up a bit, and called it an early night because we were checking out the next day. the end of the trip was getting closer :(

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Meghan said...

I love food trucks and schnitzel! Must visit NYC ASAP!

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