Tuesday, May 22, 2012

"i can't wait for instagram pics!"...

the long weekend continued on sunday with a tonne of walking. and i mean a tonne. we literally walked all over the city, looking for any garage sales, or anything that caught our eyes. we made it to little italy for some of the best thin crust pizza around (the standard), kensington market for a quick walk around, and yorkville for some ice cream. we also met up with a friend once we were back home and had some drinks (tequila for them, vodka for me)-it's the long weekend. tequila in the afternoon is totally allowed. after a bit, they went off on their own so i could clean up for my girl friends coming over for the night.

as blackberry users, they kind of love instagram and had me take a bunch ;)
 this is me looking down at the shot they poured me; it's me vs you vodka. go easy.
 smile through it.
 down the hatch. with a plugged nose. like a high schooler.
1 girl only having her credit card meant that had to buy 6 drinks at once to meet the minimum of $30 allowed. double fisting it was.
toronto streets at 2:30am.

we may have pigged out on chips and brownies when we got in. and maybe regretted it 10 minutes later. but whatever, right? 

oh, side note: want to hear a crazy dream i had that night? i gave my 2 friends my bed, and i slept on my couch. i woke up at about 4am, but not like i awaken suddenly, i just kind of woke up, and looked around. i looked in my kitchen and i saw this MASSIVE bug, like put your 2 hands together, and that was the size it was. it wasn't a spider and it wasn't a centipede, it was a hybrid or something. i was thinking "holy shit" and so i went to go wake up my friend to help me. so i go into my bedroom and i said i needed help killing a bug. she gets out of bed right away, and we're looking in my kitchen for it, and it's no where to be seen. i'm getting a little nervous and most definitely don't want to go back to sleep with that thing around. then it hits me; was it a dream? did i dream that and then wake up immediately and confuse the 2? so i said to her, "i think it was a dream..." and then we went back to bed. except it took me forever because i was still scared and couldn't figure out what was real. i just kept telling myself that i don't live in the costa rican jungle and it's impossible for something like that to exist here. ok, end of my weird crazy dream.

holiday monday included breakfast, a little shopping (for them), and then they headed back home to miss the traffic of everyone coming back from the cottages. and then me and dylan relaxed a bit and headed to the fireworks later.


Unknown said...

Tequila is always allowed on weekend afternoons! haha We spent our Sunday afternoon sipping margaritas.

Looks like you had a great time this weekend!

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

looks like you had an awesome weekend. i didnt know you live in toronto.. i will be visiting the first week of sept.. i would love some advice on some places to go!

Amber said...

Ahahaha, I still plug my nose when I take shots too (like a high schooler!) It's just hard, haha. Sounds like an awesome weekend, but that bug dream? Scary! I hate when dreams are so real that it's hard to distinguish between the two.

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