Thursday, May 10, 2012

day 2: washington, dc...

tuesday morning started far too early at 5:45am in order to catch our 7:30am bus to washington. it was pouring rain, and we were miserable as we walked to the bus terminal, sharing an umbrella that barely kept us dry. my shoes and feet were as wet as though i stepped in a pool up to my ankles. we were arguing, and the day was not off to a good start. but, by the time we dried off on the 4 hour bus ride, things were looking up. we got in around 12:00pm and boy was it hot in that city. because we only had about 7 hours, we just visited the national mall and saw as much as we could in that time period.
taking the metro. 2 things-1) it was pristine for a subway!! like, sparkling clean. 2) it was dark in there. what's up with that?!
the smithsonian castle.
the art and space museum. dylan kept saying, "this has been IN SPACE. ON THE MOON!"

capitol building.

the white house!
no idea why we're leaning.

washington monument.
lincoln memorial in the distance.
i was tired. and hot.

lincoln memorial.

too bad the reflecting pool was in the middle of being fixed.
that washington monument, so tiny ;)
i bought my first crumbs cupcake; red velvet obviously. it was pretty good, but absolutely massive. it literally took me 3 days to eat it.

what else can i say about washington? just like the subways, the national mall is extremely clean. it's kind of odd. it also seems to be a city where the age is generally older. besides the tourists, there weren't any young people. it's like no one under 35 lives there. overall, it was neat to see such historical buildings and see where the president lives, but it's not a city we would ever go back to. oh well, another city off the checklist.

we got back into nyc around 1am, crashed in bed, and were ready for a 3rd day of adventure and eating.


Amber said...

Ugh what an awful morning, but it looks like it turned into a great day! I am jealous you got to try Crumbs.. looks amazing!!!

Amanda said...

What did you think of the crumbs version of red velvet? Surprisingly, I really like it :) And I'm glad that you were able to enjoy DC. Your photo of the capitol with the bright blue skies is breathtaking!

Unknown said...

great pictures! love your white oxfords. and that cupcake looks delicious! :)

Slightly Undone said...

Look at you and your US history!

Yes, the DC Metro system is amazing. Best public transit ever.

Arlington, which is a suburb of DC, is SUPER young. But DC is a bit older...I think because it's so expensive to live there.

Glad you enjoyed it! xo

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