Wednesday, April 18, 2012

a wedding...

saturday's wedding was beautiful; high school sweethearts finally getting married. there were tears, lots of them. when they walked in the hall-tears. first dance-tears. the opening speech-tears. their speeches to each other-tears. their parents speeches to them-more tears. goodness me, luckily all the speeches were at the beginning and i was able to dry myself off and enjoy the rest of the night. and enjoy the night i (well, we, everyone) did. it was like a high school reunion with fancy dresses. the food was delicious, the drinks were flowing (hello whiskey, bailey's, vodka 7's and white wine), and the dance moves were crazy.

i have to say, the opening speech was pretty funny, too. they made jokes about how M (the bride) is delivering babies and saving lives on a daily basis (she's doing her residency) and then there's J (the groom) who's just a gym teacher haha. they also told J that if he needs to call in sick on monday, there were about 40 supply teachers in the room that could cover him (meaning that a tonne of our friends went to teachers college, and pretty much no one has jobs yet, regardless of graduating 2-3 years ago). then they got serious and said beautiful things about them, and the fact that it was never 'if' they would get married, but 'when'. like i said, laughter and tears.
walking to her groom.
 necessary bathroom mirror shot before the drinks start and my face gets flushed :P
 husband and wife :)
taking pictures as i'm holding back the tears (or at least trying to).


bridesmaid on the end and look! i'm not the only blonde!
after many drinks.
dancing the night away as a married woman.
indicative of the night.

and they danced the night away.

weddings are the bomb, i tell ya. now it's just a question of who's next and when?! 


Amanda said...

Gorgeous! Love that you cried so much! I cry a lot too, in general and at weddings :) Happy hump day!

Anonymous said...

looks like so much fun. i love weddings and was seriously talking to my gramma like 2 days ago about how she needs to convince one of my cousin's to purpose to his long time girlfriend. i mean c'mon, it's been a year since the last family wedding!

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