Tuesday, March 20, 2012

keepin' my eyes on you...

a random assortment, in no particular order..
 this. i just cannot stop laughing. iswap faces is a great app. (obviously, i'm cheap and have the free version that leaves watermarks.)
 dinner by moi.
 i'm also on draw something and i'm a fantastic artist, as you can see. it was pauly d, by the way.

 they had each other on ignore for a bit.
stole this from pinterest. he's trapped in my phone!

i can't even handle the weather lately. i know i keep bringing it up, but i was in shorts yesterday. SHORTS! and tomorrow may reach 30 degrees. that's like, mid july heat right there. i checked my blog to see what it was like this time last year, and apparently on the 23rd, i woke up to snow. hey global warming. 

that said, welcome the first day of spring.


daniela said...


Also, Dylan may want to consider bangs with that hair style.

And I want to make that for dinner. Sauteed with garlic/olive oil?

Something Infinitely Interesting said...

haha i love the swap face thing.. that is soo funny!

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