Tuesday, February 14, 2012

ur cute...

first of all, happy valentine's day!

on saturday, the baking continued with shortbread cookies. these bring back memories of when i was a kid and making them for all holidays with my mom, and decorating them with all the colored icing. and it's also the easiest recipe, basically ever. i mean, there's 4 ingredients!! i had seen these conversation heart cookies all over the internet lately, and figured i had to give it a go. mine are nowhere at neat and perfect as others, but they were fun to make and look at it, and of course, they taste good, too.

you have my heart.

i always knew i had shaky hands, but boy was it evident when writing with icing in a tiny space.
yes, you are.

hello? yes, i'll be your valentine.
proud of my shaky and not perfect, but awesome cookies.

dylan took some to work, and apparently they were a huge hit. a few girls asked if i had a shop! haha maybe i need to start doing some baking on the side to pull in a little money and pay my loans off faster?? ;) needless to say, there's all of 3 cookies left. by the end of today, make that 0!


daniela said...

These are fantastic! A Saturday well-spent :))

The Beans said...

Yay! I bet these were a bigger hit than the chalky sweethearts I used to get as a kid. :D

A job well done!


Kimmy said...

So cute. :3 Happy Valentine's Day!

Amanda said...

Your cookies turned out AMAZING! Like I'm beyond impressed right now! I do not have the patience to ice and wait for them to dry... But you may have inspired me.

Unknown said...

Cute! You should TOTALLY bake cookies on the side as a way to make extra money! If it's something you enjoy, and you are clearly good at it, I say go for it. Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

Those cookies are so cute! Happy Valentine's Day!

Unknown said...

awww so fun!! i love making cookies. happy valentine's day to you too!! :) xoxo <3 www.rubygirlblog.com

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