Friday, February 17, 2012

taken hostage...

our valentine's day was celebrated a day later. he picked me up after work, and we then went for coffee and a little bit of dessert; i got the carrot cake (delish) and he got the choclate chip banana cake with chocolate icing (also delish). as for cards, i had told dylan that i wanted him to make mine. but me? i just bought his haha

a single rose. which i prefer to a whole dozen any day.
'your boyfriend dylan has been taken hostage. have 300 kisses and all your love ready on february 14 @8pm if you want him to live. if my demands are not met, i will break his heart a little bit every hour until he dies, no police.' the heart on the right is actually painted on with his fingers lol he's definitely a creative one, that's for sure.
pucker up.
so, that was our valentine's day (on the 15th) in a nutshell. the next morning we got up bright and early at 7:15 and dylan left to catch the bus back home by 8:30. and then i worked a 9 hour day. fun! however, i do have the weekend off again, and it's 'family day' on monday (an ontario holiday where most people get the day off to be with their family), and i happen to have it off, and my girl friends have planned to come up for a visit. fingers crossed plans don't change and they can make it!

have a good weekend!


ChinkyGirLMeL said...

Awww you guys are such an adorable couple. And his card is soooooooo cute!

Anonymous said...

that ransom note is actually amazing, haha. such creativity!

isn't family day the most lame, yet best holiday ever? too bad they stick the beginning of my reading week on it so i have it off anyways.

Jazz said...

That card is so amazing! How creative haha, got me laughing! xxx

Quinn said...

Awww! That card is awesome! That's really clever. I made mine for Scrubs but I'm too shy to show it. It involved a sky-writing plane!

Clarinda said...

Well, that is just about THE cutest valentine's day card ever!

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