Tuesday, February 21, 2012

snow pup...

you know how the weather network always calls for snow, and it never comes? just like they 'call for' rain and it doesn't rain, or they say it'll reach Xtemperature and it never does? basically, they're never right. but this time they were. we got quite a bit of snow a couple weekends ago, and i was thrilled. it's definitely the most we've gotten this season, and it finally seemed that winter had made its way to canada. if you can't count on snow for christmas anymore, you can always count on a storm around valentines day. seriously, there's been one every year i think. and chloe? well, she loves it.
ready, set...
my dad and his favorite (and only) grandchild.
"i'm back home, mom."
she's like a bullet running through that snow.
my little snowy nosed girl.

obviously, this wore her out, and she spent the rest of the day and night sleeping by the fire. oh, the life of a dog.


Courtney B said...

The only time I like snow is when it's warm enough that it melts on the street and sidewalks, but stays in the grass areas :) I hate it when everything is icy!
Your pup is so freakin' cute! Love the pictures of her playing in the snow!

Amanda said...

Oh my goodness, I heart her! Like seriously in love! I love how every photo of her is a running shot. She must really love that snow! :-) And I can't wait to go home to M tonight. It's still kind of surreal...ya know?

Clarinda said...

My dog loves it when it snows, too! It's so cute to watch her try to run and jump in the deep snow. She also LOVES to eat the snow.

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