Monday, January 9, 2012

somebody that i used to know...

i'm just busy working away. such is life. and when i come home, i have fun on my webcam. sexy pictures for dyl? nah, he gets these babies. lucky guy ;)
i'm a ball of fun.

ps. have you all seen this video that's going viral? probably. 5 people, 1 guitar and a wicked cover (of a song i've never heard). seriously, i love it. i'm obsessed. i can't tell you how many times i've listened to it in the last few days. it's already on my iphone. give it a listen and love it, too. you're welcome. also, i found the original and listened to it, and this cover is, in my opinion, way better.
** i just found out on the news that they're from just outside of toronto! woohoo canadian talent! 


Amanda said...

I'm in love with the song too! 9 million views. Incredible! Thanks for sharing! Oh and I like your sexy photos ;)

jessica said...

My fiance and I just entered a long-distance relationship- only he's in India and i'm in California. We spend lots of time on Skype making funny faces at each other too. Who needs sexy when you could just laugh- ok, don't answer that, LOL.


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