Monday, September 5, 2011

she works hard for her money...

as i said on friday, i planned on helping dylan move some stuff. i can now say i was actually pretty helpful! but, we decided to pick the paint and do that, rather than actually move stuff.
 we scraped walls
 we washed walls. i can't believe i actually washed walls. i must love him or something.

 hard at work.
 the boss is just taking a break.
 ready to paint for my first time! i think i look pretty legit.
sweetwood for the walls.

 i swear i'm working.

we fixed up some spots on the wall, and then painted the wall that didn't need fixing. then the went back saturday night and gave everything one full coat. he finished the second coat last night, and today a buddy of his is helping him move in the heavy stuff. done and done.

also, a few weeks ago when dylan got a new android phone, he got a free camera along with it! it finally came in the mail and he gave it to me! woohoo. it's the samsung sh100; 14 megapixel, touch screen with wi-fi! it's actually pretty awesome. i obviously have the fiddle with the settings or something, because there's no reason a 14mp camera should produce grainy photos, like some of these. but, all the photos above that have 'effects' are straight from the camera. it's got a tonne of built in photo filters (and for movies too), which is really cool. i can also email myself photos and send them right to facebook, from the camera. wicked. so, that's that. it's my new toy and i would say getting a $250 camera for free is a pretty sweet deal.


Amanda said...

Look at you! And that's awesome that you now have a free camera, with wi-fi! :) Where was Dylan moving into that you painted?

Gaby de Modacapital said...

hI!! I like your photos :)

Nicole Marie said...

i hate painting!!! the first time i thought i would love it but it takes forever!

daniela said...

Oh you'd be surprised how shitty of pics a 14mp cam can take! I had bought one in the winter when I was on the market & quickly exchanged it for the previous model that did 10mp which took much better pics! The extras are totally awesome though (wi-fi whaa?) and it was free so whatev :)

daniela said...

ps: WHO looks that good when they're painting?! Well, you apparently ;P

Baby On The Brain said...

Check and see if you can adjust the ISO on the camera, that might help the grainyness on them. :)
I love home improvement, can't wait to have a home to improve lol.

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