Wednesday, September 7, 2011

pool life...

after painting and playing with the dogs, we got some drinks together, bbq'd some burgers and went for a swim.
 whiskey + coke for him, vodka + 7up for me.
 he's so rude.
well crap, it might be blistering hot outside, but the water was chilly!
all is good. enjoying life (with a double neck).
drink up!
he thinks he's a lap dog. and i'm ok with that.
fish eye.

 so, this was our labor day weekend. and just like that, the weather went from nearly 40˚C on friday to 15˚C on monday. i think fall is pretty much here to stay now.

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erica said...

Looks like a lovely time. I live in an apartment and all summer long the pool was run/life guarded by three different 16 year olds. As a result most days they were just too cool to watch the pool so it was never open.


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