Tuesday, June 21, 2011

lady gaga lovin'...

sunday was a pretty darn good day. there was a red carpet festival on bloor st with food and a concert amongst other things..
 there was an exotic car show..
 a band playing; i think called 'royal wood'-pretty good. you can see a quick video i took of them here.
and a nearly naked painted guy. because why not? i think he was smiling for my camera ;)

then, i made my way towards the much music building on queen st. the much music video awards (MMVA's) were that night and i thought i would just check out the stage. it didn't even cross my mind about rehearsals. i should add that it's an outdoor award show, so the street is shut down and the stage takes over. as i'm maybe half a block from the stage, i can hear lady gaga's 'edge of glory' playing. i was thinking it was either a recording they were using for practice, or they were just playing music for all the fans waiting. then i see girls running. so i pick up my pace and push through the crowd. had i been able to push my way 1 foot to the right more, i would have been able to see her. but no. it finished, and some people dispersed. i stayed. then, she started rehearsing all over again!! and i got to see it all perfectly!! honestly, i was SO freakin' happy and excited. i love love her!! i've seen her in concert once, and it was amazing. she is so incredible live. i only wish i had my nikon with me!! 
and there she is!!
 really wish they turned out better :(
there we go. via perez hilton.
 fefe dobson rehearsing.
the main stage.
 down with webster on the other stage
and little miss selena gomez.
the terrible quality video i was able to get ;) but, she sounds amazing, like usual.

i also saw far east movement (like a g6) and dev perform (she sings that song "i like my beats fast and my bass down low"), kat graham, and i think others i didn't know. i'm going to guess i was the oldest one there by at least 7 years lol they were all little teeny boppers! the one time looking 16 benefits me! wooohooo i don't stick out like a sore thumb!

then, later on at like 7, i went down through yorkville and about 15 people were around this hotel and apparently waiting for lady gaga. so i thought what the heck, i'll stay for a few minutes. maybe 10 minutes later, she drove out! her head sticking out the front passenger side window waving to everyone! ah, 2x in one day at totally different spots. love.
iphone photo. really wish i had better photos :| trying to watch in person and look at the screen to take a picture makes it difficult. plus, it was a moving car.

so, if you didn't know before this post, you know now. yes, i love lady gaga!! i buy magazines when she's on the cover. she is amazing. her voice is incredible. her piano skills are crazy. and i love everything that she stands for.                                                       equality for all.


Amanda said...

Looks like an awesome time! Be sure to check out my blog later, Bree! I gave you an award ;)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Wow looks like such a fun time! I'm not a huge Gaga fan but I bet she'd be fun to see!

iheartkiwi said...

A Gaga sighting! How thrilling!

Sounds like a pretty exciting day :)

Anonymous said...

oh well how much fun did you have!! that looks like a blast. love that you were right there in all that action!

Hannah said...

oooh my gosh GAGA!!! how amazing! perfect timing for sure. i love that you wish you had your nikon haha i just got one and i am suffering separation anxiety as we speak! i <3 your blog, and totally relate, as my boyfriend and i attend different universities as well!

following you now! xoxo

Unknown said...

That's crazy you kept getting to see her randomly. Sounds like a great time!

erinj0 said...

Wow - that just looks like a crazy fun time :)

daniela said...

i feel like this post was made just to cheer me up. success. :)

Unknown said...

Jealous! I love her too - she is really talented and seems really down to earth, and I love her message of equality too. This is almost as good as my Tom Selleck siting in Halifax last weekend lol

Hepburn Hilton said...

how fun!!! Was it she any good?

Nikolett said...

Ahhh so lucky! The only celebrity encounters I've had in Toronto is meeting The All-American Rejects about five times (because I was a groupie LOL). Her blue wig/hair sticks out from so far away so I think your pictures are still awesome :D Hope you get to meet her with her two feet away from you some day :)

Fash Boulevard said...

obsessed. thanks for another lovely post. Would love if you'd check out my latest trend report and outfit post. Thanks love. xoxo


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