Tuesday, March 29, 2011

weekend debates..about serious stuff...

dylan has a problem with expiry dates/best before dates. god forbid it's like 2 or 3 before the best before date, he won't go near it! so when we were heating up dinner on friday (a delicious mexican pie mmm), i looked in my fridge, checked the sour cream and saw that it was 5 days past due. i thought nothing of it. if it smells fine, then to me it's no big deal. but dylan? well, he got all up in arms about it, saying he absolutely would not be eating it with his dinner, because ya know, it would have tiny micro species growing in it that we can't see or smell yet. whatever dylan, whatever. more for me.

so he again said, he never eats anything past due. and i said, "well what if i tell you that you have?" his face turned to me. so i say "remember that meal at my parents a month ago, when we had perogies? yeah, that sour cream was almost 2 weeks past the best before. i told my parents not to tell you because i knew you wouldn't eat it. but me and my parents smelt it, and we all agreed it was fine..." then he called my mom to ask her if it was true. she confirmed the fact. we debated about the fact some more. then he ate some nachos with said sour cream while waiting for dinner. and he's still kickin'. so i guess it was fine, wasn't it dyl??

what are your thoughts on 'best before' dates? are men worse than women!?
 sorry dyl, had to.


Anna said...

Too funny!

I'm more squeamish about best by dates than my hubby, but he keeps things stuff waay past the due date. It grosses me out!

Simplyheather said...

The picture is too fun! LOL.
I think men are worse then women when it comes to past due date food because theres been a number of times I've witnessed a guy a friend throwing out food because it was a little past the expiration date.


Raven said...

hahahahaha love this!! I have to say that I'm with your bf on this one. Maybe because I had the misfortune of gulping down an expired glass of milk (by like, 2 weeks) and will forever remember that horrible day.

Anonymous said...

ah i love reading your posts...definitely a whole lot more interesting than just seeing a bunch of photos on someones blog. i'm a follower!

btw...i'm such a germiphobe i don't eat anything past the date or i'll get squeamish.

cute topic. =)


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