Tuesday, March 8, 2011

happy 2 years little blog; things i love...

2 years. wow.
2 years since i started this nook in the world wide web.
i actually thought it was more into april or may, but i randomly checked when my first post was on saturday morning and saw that it was in 3 days!
i really didn't know if i would keep up with this when i started, but of course i'm glad i did.
who would have thought you could meet so many amazing people through the net? girls that i have stuff in common with! not me...but i was proven wrong.
whether you've been around here a while, or are new, here's some things that i love... that you've probably noticed. ready?
i met this man in october of 2006. this was one of our first pictures, taken with a cell phone. we were sitting in our college here.
i got this little girl at the beginning of 2008 and she's certainly brought me much love.
i have professed my undying love, obsession, fascination, adoration etc for NYC
i have also shared my love of a little thing called red velvet cake. or really, red velvet in any form...
and say it with me-cream cheese icing haha
books. i love a good book;  and used book stores. and this goes without saying, but in case not, reading them too (mostly true crime).
and lastly, camping and cottaging. good laughs and fun times in the summer.

and then of course, other things like coffee, toronto, my friends and more.
oh, and we (meaning dylan) has made some videos; NYC2009, NYC2010, and camping2010.

i love looking back on old posts (who doesn't); this really is like a diary. and now that i'm 2 years and 475 posts in, there's no stopping me now ;)
thanks to everyone who stops by, reads all the time, or once in a while and to those who leave sweet little comments  ♥♥♥

the bolded words will take you to all the posts under that label. and i couldn't tell ya why some of the bold is blue, some is grey and some is a darker grey.


Amy said...

I am from cottage country so I completely understand how it makes the list!

Where do you cottage? (I'm from Muskoka)

Krysten @ Why Girls Are Weird said...

Happy blogiversary!!

Nuha said...

you're right I love looking back at old posts/pictures/ e-mails...I'm a nostalgic monster haha!

happy blogiversary!

Sarah said...

Happy two years!! :)

whitney said...

love your blog! {new follower here}

happy 2 year! what a great accomplishment. keep it up!

Nikolett said...

Aww happy two years of blogging! I love looking back at all the memories and how far you've come, grown, and seen. Can't wait to see more blogs from you :)

Amber said...

What?! That's awesome! Congrats girl! :)

No Place Like Home said...

cute blog and that red velvet cakes looks to die for!

check out my new blog and giveaway too :-)


jacin {lovely little details} said...

yay!! happy blog-a-versary!!!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

Happy 2 years to your fabulous blog!! I love all of your "loves" - and since you have little Chloe, you know exactly how I feel about my sweet pups... thank you so much for your sweet comment!

lul said...

Happy blog anniversary!! That red velvet cake looks mighty delicious.Omg, just got THE very worst cravings!

Hepburn Hilton said...

Congrats!! A tip, school fleamarkeds are excellent sources for used books!!

Julie said...

Just discover your blog!

I'm graduate in criminology too, isn't it the most interesting field on earth?
I'm really passionate about it!

I will move to Montréal next year (currently living in Paris) and i hope maybe get back to college there for one (or two) more year.

Love your blog ;)


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